Overview of 2024 summer 3×3 tournaments

This summer will be historic again in 3×3 basketball, as the area is once again in the Olympic Games. The games can be watched from July 30 to August 5. Latvia is present in Paris, this weekend it will be clear whether Lithuania will also qualify for the Olympics in the 3×3 format.

You can join the Estonian 3×3 teams on the 15th-16th. June, when the Estonian men's and women's 3×3 national teams will compete in the qualification tournament of the 3×3 European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. If successful, the 22nd-25th will be continued. August in Austria, Vienna, i.e. among the top 12 in Europe.

26.-30. August will see the Estonian U18 youth team playing at the FIBA U18 3×3 Basketball World Championship, which will once again be held in Debrechen, Hungary.

Alexela 3×3 Estonian Basketball Championship 2024

The 19th Estonian 3×3 basketball championships will take place in a new format, where the tournaments will take place in four different Estonian cities this time - in Tallinn (June 8), in Tartu (July 13), Pärnu (July 27) and Haapsalu (August 17) and all stages are organized by the Estonian Basketball Association for the first time. In 2006-2017, the 3×3 EMV series was organized by MTÜ Noortesport, in 2018-2023, the Estonian Basketball Association together with the co-organizers.

You can find information about the stages and the competition guide from basket.ee's news.

Registration takes place via the play.fiba3x3.com page, in the U11 and U13 series by e-mail (info@basket.ee).

The participation fees for the stages are 80 euros in the youth and women's series and 120 euros in the Elite and Amateur series.


Court.ee supports the following 3×3 tournaments this summer

3×3 Keila 2024

3×3 Orissa 2024

3×3 Hemp 2024

Registration for tournaments supported by Court.ee is open from today - read more and see offers to order your team uniform on the page: Court.ee/3×3

All 3×3 tournaments in Estonia and elsewhere

You can find all 3x3 tournaments in Estonia and other countries by selecting "EVENTS" on the play.fiba3x3.com page and typing "Estonia" in the search box. and then selecting from the drop-down menu “Search events by country: Estonia“.

For example, you can find there that on May 11, 3×3 basketball will be played in Kos, and on Saturday, May 18, the Latvian Ghetto Basket 3×3 tournaments will be held again in Lennusadama. "Ghetto Basket Tallinn / Ticket to Pristina” is probably the highest-level 3×3 tournament in Estonia this summer, as it is possible to enter the FIBA 3×3 Challenger in Pristina. Interestingly, there is currently only one Estonian team among the 8 registered elite series teams - Scanweld (Allemann, Aniste, Kasemets).

But even this may not give all the results, because various 3×3 street soccer tournaments, the ads of which can only be found on Facebook or on posters next to the store, will certainly take place more in the summer. For example, on June 8, 3×3 kossu will also be played in Rakvere.

Court.ee invites all basketball fans to play 3×3 basketball or support their teams in the summer. Order a personalized competition uniform for your team (see also 3×3 offer) and take a look at whether the ball and backyard basket exist or the sports field needs a new cover.

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Overview of 2024 summer 3×3 tournaments

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