The new sports court surface invites you to get moving.

Basketball court cover

Renovating sports fields with high-quality covering solutions not only makes them more visually attractive, but also ensures a more comfortable and safer environment for sports. With simple steps, it is possible to personalize both existing and planned sports fields by adding the necessary markings for different sports.

There are thousands of sports fields in public places and home gardens in Estonia, the appearance and functionality of which can be significantly improved with a new covering solution, thereby encouraging people to move more in the fresh air. The end of winter or early spring is the perfect time to invest in a new covering material for your backyard basketball court or other sports court. offers a wide range of covering solutions for basketball and other sports, starting at 29 euros per square meter, including professional solutions used as official 3×3 basketball court coverings at the Olympic Games.

The court cover is installed on a smooth, but preferably 1% inclined base, so that in case of rain, rainwater does not stay under the cover. The cover dries quickly after rain, and the rain also helps to clean it. At the same time, the covers need maintenance, for example cleaning from leaves and debris.

If you want to give your old sports field a new look, please contact: or +372 5635 5431

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