offers three different pitches, which are suitable for both basketball and other sports. All covers have relevant certificates, are durable and suitable for year-round use. The covers are easy to install and can be moved if necessary.

It is possible to personalize the covers by choosing colors that match yours and adding a logo if desired.

Basketball court cover
3x3 Court 2024

T3S Elite is the most professional solution, which is also used in the 3x3 basketball of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and all FIBA 3x3 basketball championships.

T3S General a semi-professional solution that is suitable for both public and domestic spaces in active use.

T3S Soft Connection is the most affordable solution, which is well suited for a home court, but also for schools and other basketball courts.

Basketball fans should read before ordering covers and structures Guide to basketball courts issued by the Estonian Basketball Association, which describes the dimensions of the courts, the surface, as well as gives recommendations for the selection of basketball boards and constructions.

The official basketball court dimensions are:

  • 3×3 basketball – 15×11 meters, the court, including the edges, the entire coverage area 18×14 = 252m2
  • regular basketball – 15×28 meter court, with edges the entire coverage area 18×32 = 575m2

Smaller and therefore more affordable solutions are also suitable for a backyard basketball court - 6×8, 8×8, 10×10 meters, etc.

Suitable for the basketball court you can find the basketball table and construction in the selection.

To order a basketball court cover, let us know the cover type, dimensions, color preferences and location:

Basketball court cover