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Overview of 2024 summer 3×3 tournaments

Check the summer 3x3 calendar, register your team and experience the Estonian 3x3 [...] finished with a silver medal this weekend.

The U18 team won the silver medal at the last stage of the main tournament of the Alexela 3x3 basketball Estonian Championships. "Team Kotsar 21"

This summer, four players from the Kotsar family with 3x3 experience, i.e. Maik-Kalev, Derek [...]

Gold and two silvers from Saaremaa to teams won one gold and two [...] won the opening stage of the Alexela 3×3 championship

The opening stage of the XVIII season of the Alexela 3×3 Estonian basketball championship series, which took place in Keila on Saturday, won the most popular [...]

This summer, Kotsar will play in the team in the 3×3 championship

One of Estonia's most legendary 3×3 basketball players, 2021 Estonian 3×3 basketball champion, last year's 3×3 EMV [...]