3×3 teams in Pärnu on silver

Court.EE 3x3 Pärnu 2023

Held on Saturday in Pärnu Alexela at the VII stage of the Estonian 3×3 basketball championships both U15 and U18 teams won silver in their age group.

8 teams participated in both series, the U15 series was won again by Nyimage, in the U18 series only the Tarkleon team remained unbeaten. 

The Estonian 3×3 basketball championship series will be played this weekend in Kanepi and Kohila. All teams have already secured access to the Alexela 3×3 Tallinn Open 2023 final competition in Tallinn on August 5, where this year's Estonian champions will be determined. 

The photo gallery of the Pärnu stage can be found 3×3 from Google Photos, under the video summary.