Gold and two silvers from Saaremaa to

Before St. John's Day, the III stage of the Alexela 3×3 Estonian basketball championship took place in Orissa, in which as many as FIVE teams took part. Medal places were won in all competition classes held, i.e. amateurs and U15 and U13 boys.

U13 boys gold


The best presentation was made by U13 Central team (Robert Teetlaus, Karl Heinrich Habak, Mathias Jaani and Jörgen Lillemägi), who made up for the final loss in the previous Vasalemma stage and won the second stage of the summer.

Silver for enthusiasts

Probably the biggest surprise of the entire tournament was offered by the team preparing for the final competition of 40+ seniors, who replaced Martin Toomas with the slightly younger Kaarel Traumann in the amateur series.

Although the team started with a loss in the subgroup to the local Markend team, they got first place in the dead round and faced a strong and experienced BC Town Hall. Kaarel did not make a mistake from behind the arc and led to the finals, where they had to lose to the local Kõinastu Orkaani 21-14.

In addition to Magnus Ahuna and Ahti Roostalu, Egon Kotsar also won a medal in his first game this summer. U15 silver

There were only six teams in the U15 series, but the level was very good. One of the most exciting games of the day was the U15 semi-final between and Nordikate, where both teams had 10 mistakes before the end. The pass to the final against Nyimage was finally earned with a score of 20-17. There, in a match between Rae's boys, Nyimage took the win. U13 team, where 11-year-old Tristen Matias Kotsar also played, got a good 6th place overall and played in the amateur series U18 team was out of the playoffs with a dead round and settled for 5th place, but U18 is just starting, because games await in Väike-Maarja, Pärnu, Kanepi and Kohila.