's two 3×3 Estonian championship bronzes

Alexela 3x3 Tallinn Open 2023

On Saturday, August 5, at the final competition of the 18th season of the Estonian 3×3 basketball championship "Alexela 3×3 Tallinn Open 2023", which took place on Saturday, August 5, two teams received bronze medals, when the podium places were taken in the 40+ and U13 age groups. 

At the age of 40+, the ranks included: Egon Kotsar, Ahti Roostalu, Martin Toomas and Martin Hänni. 

The U13 Kesklinna team reached the overtime of the bronze medal match with the U13 Aude team, where they won 15-13. 

Robert Teetlaus, Karl Heinrich Habak, Mathias Jaani and Jörgen Lillemägi played in the Kesklinna team, Tristen Matias Kotsar, Frederik Jorro, Enri Saar and Verner Salumäe in the Aude team. 

In the U15 series, the team (Erik Arula, Ruudi Talviste, Rohan Laanemets and Mmarten Sarapuu) came in eighth overall, as they had to accept a loss from the Nyimage team again in the quarterfinals.

The U18 team (Renee Raiste, Gergor Vendla, Oskar Maripuu and Richard Vahter) took ninth place in the Estonian 3×3 basketball championship. 

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