won the opening stage of the Alexela 3×3 championship


Held in Keila on Saturday The opening stage of the XVIII season of the Alexela 3×3 Estonian basketball championship seriesi won in the most popular U13 boys category U13 Kesklinna the team that played in the composition of Markus Marten Tõnso, Mathias Jaani, Jörgen Lillemägi and Kenert Kokla, who participated in half of the tournament. In the series with 18 teams, the U13 Kesklinna team beat the Follow team 8-7 in the final.

A total of three teams participated in the tournament, in the U13 series also U13 Aude (Verner Salumäe, Frederik Jorro, Tristen Matias Kotsar and Enri Saar), who met the U13 Kesklinna team in the quarterfinals. Kudos to the U13 Aude team Overall, a good 6th place among 18 teams. U15 team (Ruudi Talviste, Kristajn Rosar, Martan Sarapuu and Rohan Laanemets) lost in the quarter-finals 11-8 to the Nordics, who later earned the bronze medal, also in a good 5th place among 15 teams.

Before the quarter finals between the U13 teams, we asked all participants to take a picture together.

This Saturday is located In Vasalemma the U11 team will also join the competition and will play on June 22 In Orissa U18 and hobbyists/40+ seniors.

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