Basketball hoops for the home yard by spring.

Basketball Hoops

This year's first pool tables have arrived in the warehouse, which are well suited to the backyard pool area as a new solution or to replace an old and tired basket.

Constructions are included in the price free transport to any corner of Estonia. If you wish, you can pick up the basket at the new office, Pärnu mnt 142 - Donte Ärikeskus, F building, 1st floor. Call ahead: 5635 5431

You can order a suitable basket from the link below. If you want to pay for the basket by invoice, write: 

Original price was: €1349.Current price is: €1179.
Original price was: €2399.Current price is: €2099.
Original price was: €1049.Current price is: €929.
Original price was: €699.Current price is: €594.
Original price was: €399.Current price is: €309.
Original price was: €299.Current price is: €249.
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