This summer, Kotsar will play in the team in the 3×3 championship

Egon Kotsar 3x3 Estonian champion

One of Estonia's most legendary 3×3 basketball players, 2021 Estonian 3×3 basketball champion, last year's 3×3 EMV silver medalist and currently in the Estonian TOP200 in the FIBA 3×3 rating Egon Kotsar will start playing in the Alexela 3×3 Estonian Basketball Championship this summer in rows.

Egon's teammates have become Estonian champions as U13 coach last week Martin Thomas and familiar to many gamers Ahti Roostalu.

The team's goal is to be held on August 5, 2023 at the TalTech Sports Hall Alexela 3×3 Tallinn Open 2023 at the tournament to become the Estonian champion in the 40+ competition class, for which they are already starting to practice On June 10, at the opening stage of the Alexela 3×3 series in Keila in the calculation of amateur teams.

Other Kotsars will also participate in the Alexela 3×3 Estonian basketball championship, currently only 2018 is unknown Maik-Kalev Kotsari, who took 9th place at the FIBA 3×3 World Cup participation. According to the latest inside information, this summer Maik-Kalev may still be present as a spectator at some stages. also signed a contract with Tristen Matias Kotsar for this summer, who plays in the U13 series " U13 Saku” in the team.