What kind of printing suits your company's clothing?


When adding logos, images, patterns, and other designs to garments and textile products, there are several technologies to consider, where it is important to take into account factors such as quantity, material, project budget, and design preferences. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind choosing four popular printing technologies: sublimation, DTF (Direct to Film), screen printing, and embroidery. Courtland OÜ offers all of these printing solutions. 

Sublimation full-color printing

Sublimation printing, particularly used for sportswear and promotional clothing, offers unlimited design possibilities, allowing for the creation of highly detailed and colorful designs that maintain their vibrancy and quality even with long-term use. Additionally, the printing method ensures minimal ink usage, preserving the fabric's original breathability and moisture-wicking properties, while the images remain sharp and clear.

The biggest limitations of sublimation printing arise from material requirements, as it works best only on white polyester fabrics. Natural fibers like cotton do not accept sublimation printing. However, we also offer slightly more expensive options for cotton touch solutions for sublimation (starting from 24 euros per shirt), which resemble products printed on cotton in their nature. 

Sublimation is a worthwhile choice when there are many areas of the garment covered with colors, logos, and other designs since the entire print is included in the product price. Prices for shirts printed with sublimation start from 19 euro for a product.

DTF printer Courtland

Come and see Estonia's newest DTF printer at Courtland OÜ office.

DTF printing

DTF or Direct to Film is a printing technology that has become popular for its flexibility and efficiency in printing logos and images on garments. With DTF printing, the design is first printed onto a special film, to which polymer powder is added, and then transferred to the fabric using heat, allowing for printing on various types of fabrics, including dark ones, and ensuring vibrant and clear images. 

Basic, colored-logo DTF solutions are available for under 5 euro per t-shirt. 

DTF printing is a worthwhile choice if you want to use cotton or other natural materials and incorporate multiple colors in your design. You can find a selection of hundreds of different products (shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, scarves, towels, jackets, etc.) in court.ee catalogues.

Silk print

Silk screen printing, also known as serigraphy, uses printing frames through which ink is transferred onto the fabric. It is particularly popular for large quantities where consistent color and high durability are required. In silk screen printing, each color in the design is added using separate frames - meaning that the cost of the print depends significantly on the number of colors added.

Silk screen printing is worth choosing when there are few colors to be added to the garments and the quantities are large. This way, you can get a printed shirt for under 4 euros.


Embroidery is a classic way of decorating textiles, where designs or texts are created on the fabric surface using threads. Embroidery is extremely durable, especially when it comes to washing and wear. It works well on thicker materials such as hoodies, jackets, fleeces, and caps. You can get a fleece with embroidery from Court.ee for under 12 euros, a cap with embroidery for under 4 euros.

However, embroidery is more expensive, especially for smaller quantities, and it imposes limitations on very detailed designs. 

How to choose a suitable printing solution for yourself?

The easiest way is to send your request, including the product, quantity, design ideas including the logo, by email: support@court.ee 

You are welcome to visit on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 Courtland OÜ office, where you can touch and try on sample products. We can also provide some quick DTF print solutions on the spot if needed.

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