DTF printer Courtland

Check out the DTF printer at Courtland OÜ office.

Technology and equipment

DTF printing is an innovative technology that offers a great alternative to screen printing. DTF, or direct-to-film printing, allows you to print directly on the film, after which the image is transferred to the garment. This method is well suited for printing both small details and large images and photos, including white color.

One of the biggest advantages is that unlike previous digital printing on film, where all shapes had to be cleaned with a special knife, DTF printing does not require this. Special two-head industrial DTF printers are in use, with a printing speed of up to 10 meters per hour, depending on the quality. Printing is done on film rolls with a maximum width of 56 cm.

We use an Epson Supercolor F2000 printer, which is four-color (CMYK) and is designed for printing white fabrics. Epson Supercolor F2100 is a six-color printer (CMYK+WHITE) designed for printing colored fabrics.

DTF technology allows printing on a variety of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon and many others. The main products we print on include t-shirts, polo shirts, tote bags and hoodies.

Files and recommendations

Files prepared for printing are saved in PNG format with a ratio of 1:1; with a raster density of 300...500 dpi. To print on colored fabric, the PNG file must have no background to allow a white background to be printed on the image. For best results, the image should be in the RGB color space.