Võhandu Marathon 2024 - Court.ee VIDEO and summary

The Court.ee team started the 2024 100-kilometer race I'm off to the marathon under the starting number 3 and finished with 930. The team this year consisted of Reigo Kimmel (EST) and David William Le Blond (USA). It was the 9th time in a row for Kimmel, the first for David and Court.ee.

You can see the emotions from the marathon in the video, but here are some knowledge and experiences:

  • There are easier and more difficult Võhandu marathons, but no 100-kilometer marathon is easy for a normal person. It just might be easier or harder than any previous marathon. Or as seasoned marathoners say: “If the marathon was easy, you were doing it wrong.
  • It was easy for the Court.ee team, because everything went well with the choice of clothes - everything was windproof and partially snow and waterproof soft-shell windbreaker (price from 69+km), on which you can put a life jacket on or under and enough other layers of clothing underneath, where the only problem was during pee stops.
  • We decided to tape the front of the canoe the night before with packing film all around, so that water does not enter the canoe in dangerous places. Because the film created storm bags full of water under the canoe (which we didn't see and didn't know were there), we rode among the last for the first 10 kilometers and caught the first raft only at 30 kilometers. When we removed the film, we moved the 50% faster, as evidenced by other analytics numbers. We recommend that anyone who moves too fast put storm bags under their vehicle.
  • We passed all the faster places cleanly, that is, water came into the boat on the whole journey, that is, only one small glass from Leiv. Since we received preliminary information from Viira that more than half of the canoes go to the bottom there, we pulled our canoe out next to the crossing point on Viira and used at least half an hour to film the whole thing. Viira was the most difficult place of this marathon, although on the way we encountered situations where even some of the easier places were made difficult for the participants themselves. At the same time - you never know where the hell that stone is under the water at the moment.
  • The end of the Võhandu marathon is always hard and dull paddling, and for those who "turn a marathon into a marathon", i.e. do it for two days (more than 17 hours), also dark and probably cold. But when the medal is around the neck and the picture is taken, luckily, this knowledge is quickly forgotten.

Thank you vaikebussirent.ee Rened, who gave us Vito, born in 2024, as this year's bus, Kanuu.ee From Panna, whose exact same canoe some better men once won something in their class (probably without the packaging film), Kuningamaja Siljat for accommodation and sauna, Photo fly Egert, who always takes pictures at the end, and of course Hillari and the whole team who have organized the 19th year of the Võhandu Marathon. Next year is the jubilee.

In summary – Vohandu is a marathon, not a sports competition. Many years ago, at a birthday party, I met a Lithuanian who has won a marathon at least once. I could not believe that it is possible to complete a marathon in less than 8 hours, he could not believe that it is possible to spend more than 18 hours to complete a marathon. The respect was mutual, and it certainly still is, where the last few hundred of the marathon do not believe the results of the first few hundred finishers... and vice versa.

And for all men who think that Võhandu is too difficult for them, to know that in 2024 7 rafts, or rubber boats, finished the marathon, where there were only women. The best in less than 15 hours and the last in almost 20 hours. Maybe this is where the idea comes from to go to the 20th anniversary of the Võhandu Marathon in 2025 by raft instead?

You can register for the 20th anniversary of the Võhandu Marathon from January 1, 2025, at 00:00. Court.ee is here, accommodation is already booked.

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Võhandu Marathon 2024 - Court.ee VIDEO and summary

The Court.ee team started the 2024 100-kilometer Võhandu Marathon under starting number 3 and finished in 930th place. [...]