Detours of the Võhandu marathon at the Viira mill dam in 2024

19. Võhandu marathon 1032 boats with a total of 2344 rowers reached the finish line. Only one finisher missed repeating the record as one more boat finished a year ago. It is possible that a longer and deeper acquaintance with the Võhandu river, which was made by at least 75 couples on the Viira mill dam, was fatal for some participants.

Finisher.TV this year also made a video diploma of every finisher, except for the passing of the Viira mill dam and the participant's picture of Egert "from the photo finish“. also completed the Võhandu marathon, made his own summary of it and cut the 23 minutes below from the more than 8-hour video of Finisher.TV only from those boaters who "became more familiar" with the Võhandu river at the Viira mill dam.

We recommend watching the rollover summary on a computer or TV screen in FullHD version.

All participants and supporters can find their own video of the Võhandu Marathon From the Finisher.TV page.


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Detours of the Võhandu marathon at the Viira mill dam in 2024

Watch a 23-minute video summary of the Võhandu marathon detours at the Viira mill dam. endurance cross at the EMV opening stage in 2024

Priit Palatu, riding with logos, won the opening stage of the Estonian Endurance Cross Championship in Vilaski, Valgamaa, in the 40+ category.

Võhandu Marathon 2024 - VIDEO and summary

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