Does "court" mean court or field?

Court hearing on the basketball court

The image was created by an artificial intelligence that does not know basketball lines

Which English word means both "wooing" and "courting" as well as "inviting an accident"? Does "court" mean "field" or "court"? How did win the "Estonian judicial system in court" and how did Courtland OÜ change future interpretations of Estonian laws? Will we meet in the future? in court or at court(.ee)

What are the meanings of the word "court"?

The domain was registered by Mõnusad Elamused OÜ in September 2020 with the aim of offering basketball and other sportsof the squares covers and equipment. In 2021, when Mõnusad Elamused OÜ wanted to change the business name to Court OÜ, the name change did not go through in the business register, because the word "court" has more than two meanings in English, the most well-known of which are "court" and "square". 

Google translate according to the information, the English word "court" can also mean "royal house", "courtyard" and "court", as well as "to court", "to court", "to lure" and even "to invite misfortune". The fact that there is a word in the English language that in different sentences can mean "courtship", if "causing an accident” is fun knowledge for quiz makers too. Two examples: 

  • "He decided to court her for months with flowers and romantic gestures before finally asking her to marry him.”
  • "To ignore the safety warnings is to court disaster.”

Although the invoices sent under the name Court OÜ would probably have been paid more quickly in the future, we agreed with the decision of the register department of the Tartu County Court that this name is not right now, because "court" also means "court". However, it could have been disputed, since the business register has had the name of the company since 2013 Hukuman OÜ and “hukuman” means “court” in the language of 44 million Filipinos.

Courtland OÜ court victory

In March 2024, the registry department received a request to register a new company called OÜ. The request was not granted for the same reason as the previous name change request. Although there was more reason to argue this time, we did not start to do so, but chose Courtland OÜ as the new business name. We assumed that there would be no problems with this name and reserved the domains as well and

If Courtland was not suitable either, and this time due to the fact that the city of the same name is somewhere in the USA (§ 12. paragraph 5 of the Commercial Code in this case requires the addition of a distinctive addition to the name of the place), we submitted a regulation challenge with dozens of examples, in which we mentioned that a company named Courtland was also once there have been as many as two companies previously operating in Estonia and named, for example, Portland. The assistant judge had to either agree with the reasons sent or forward them to the judge to make a decision. The assistant referee chose the latter option. 

On March 28, 2024, won a "judicial victory against the court", where, according to the decision of the judge of the Tartu County Court, Section 12.5 of the Commercial Code must be understood as follows: 

  • Names of other countries may not be used in the business name, for example "Läti OÜ", "Australia OÜ", etc. 
  • Estonian administrative entities, such as "Rakvere OÜ", "Orissaare OÜ" and others, may not be used in the business name. 

Kaasus also solves today's situations where dozens of Estonian companies use the name of some administrative unit in a foreign country.

The judge's decision was realized in the Business Register on a memorable date, i.e. Courtland OÜ was officially registered on April 2, 2024 (2.4.2024).

I will see you @ court

All in all, this story with a happy ending was still memorable and fun for those involved. It also contributed to the future interpretation of laws and made it possible to write the article that you have now read to the end. Please note that in English puns the expression means “I will see you at court"that I will meet you on the (sports) field, but "I will see you in court” is more formal and means a direct summons. (Courtland OÜ) could be the first in court, to be now at court

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